The following pieces were created in different media and on a variety of substrates as noted.

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Colour collage
Study in cyan
Space age collage
Dragonfly Dusk
Abstract Still Life
Tabletop Still Life
Stargazer Lily
Red Couch at the Chester Lounge
Surrealist Teapot
Repeating Teapot
Cartoon Teapot
Flaming Lotus
Crystal Mountain Dawn
Tour Eiffel
Eastern Woodland
Study in yellow
Text collage
Realistic Still Life
Shoes of Liberty
Beach umbrellas in St. Maarten
Leaves 1/2
Leaves 2/2
Waiting for a train in Brussels
Pointillist Teapot
Cubist Teapot
Pet Fantasia
Mechanical Time
Approaching Front
Eastern Woodland Ladies
St George

Untitled 2021
Study in magenta
Tabletop Still Life
Impressionist Still Life
18 – 19 April 2020
Vijff Vlieghen
Vincent Massey Park
The Porch
Quyon, Québec
Padre Pio
Mexican Holiday
Fire on the Mountain
Siesta del gato